About Time Capsule Design


For mature audiences only. Or at least 18+ with a sense of humor.

All items are handmade, most are made to order.
Two week processing time before shipping is standard, but can go up to four weeks or as soon as next day, it all varies. 

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About Time Capsule Design:

Time Capsule Design started as a small, creative outlet making custom shirts and jewelry that were mostly purchased by friends and family. With the spread of the Coronavirus in 2020, the owner, Eva (she/they), started making masks and other “mask up” items that sold like wildfire. Because of these “polarizing” products, Time Capsule Design quickly turned into a niche Etsy shop for like-minded people. But it was still just getting started.

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed, requests for dissent collar shirts came flooding in. It was at that point Time Capsule became more than a fun outlet, and a vehicle to make a lasting impact. But even with the overflow of requests, Time Capsule wasn’t just going to profit off of a role model. Eva thought about how she could use this opportunity for good and make RBG proud. The decision was made that a percentage of each sale would go to support political candidates, and that tradition has continued with monthly donations to various organizations. 

When you look at the shop today, you’ll find a lot of daringly outspoken quips on most of the products. At first glance, they might seem offensive just for the sake of it. But these types of messages need to be heard. It’s ironically heartfelt, but these towels, shirts, and more are uniting people all over the world that feel like they’re walking on eggshells in their own communities for thinking differently. In the end, we all want peace, prosperity, the pursuit of happiness, and to be safely accepted and embraced as ourselves.

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